Ethical Life Supplies Deodorant Powder – Lemon & Mint


Our deodorant powder is gentle and kind on the skin but tough on odour. Presented in a refillable glass jar, this is kind to the planet too.

We’ve blended the following 3 key ingredients to create what we believe is a revolutionary deodorant:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda –  the natural deodoriser and cleanser
  • Arrowroot – a natural and soft healer for skin irritations, it absorbs moisture and sebum from your under arms. It also helps eliminate toxins along with..
  • Bentonite Clay…..which will draw toxins out from the skin, eliminate odour and absorb moisture.

Then we’ve added Lemon & Mint organic essential oils for added benefits.

Lemon is naturally deodorising and like peppermint helps kill bacteria, with its antibacterial properties.